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Top 10 Winter Foot Health Tips

As we pull up the bed covers, crank up the heating and pop some soup on the stove our feet are the furthest thing from our mind. Just because the temperature has dropped doesn’t mean your foot health has to. So here are our top 10 tips for keeping your feet in great shape for winter.

1. The daily moisturise

Cold winter weather translates to more time indoors. Household heating can be very drying on skin, especially hands, face and feet. Keep your skin hydrated and supple with regular moisturising.

2. Got air?

Although it’s cold, our feet need some fresh air and barefoot time everyday. Kick off your shoes and socks for at least 20 minutes a day to reduce sweating, fungal and bacterial infections.

3. Keep it natural


Socks and hosiery are standard winter dress, but synthetic materials can increase sweating and the likelihood of fungal and bacterial infections. Switch to natural fibres containing cotton and wool and your feet will thank you!

4. Massage your circulation problems away


Chilblains are very common in cooler weather and a good foot massage can help relieve the pain. Massage is also great for any foot aches and pains and keeps your circulation moving.

5. Watch your step!

Winter doesn’t mean your should stop exercising, but it does mean you need to take a little more care when performing any outdoor exercise. Slippery surfaces and less sunlight can increase the chances of injury, so take care when enjoying the great outdoors.

6.  Not too hot and not too cold

Keeping warm in winter is essential and a hot shower or bath is a great way to feel toasty. Aside from overheating leading to skin dehydration, high water temperatures can be dangerous around children and those with reduced sensation (i.e. those with Diabetes). Always remember to test the water first.

7.  Switch your soap

Winter is a great time for a clothes overhaul, but have you thought about a soap or shampoo overhaul? Our skin often gets acclimatised to one product, so seasonal alterations to skin cleansers are an easy way to ensure great skin health. Using a pH balanced skin product (check the label) will help keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

8. Study your shoes

Closed shoes are the go to keeping out the elements during winter. Making sure your shoes are waterproofed and your soles are in good conditions will protect your feet from rain, hail and snow. The same goes for you and your families’ footwear and sports shoes. Keep an eye on any tired looking footwear and if in doubt, give it the boot!

9.  Stretch away stiffness

Snuggling up when its cold is one of the simple joys of the cold season. But huddling under the covers can be too much of a good thing. Often we get winter stiffness from hunching during cold nights. Start each day with a good stretch of every muscle to keep loose and flexible.

10. Hit the nails

Nail growth slows in winter due as circulation to the extremities reduces slightly. Keeping an eye on your nails during winter is a must, as they are often out of sight during winter. Make sure your nails are good health by having a good look at them every day and seek professional advice if anything is bothering you.



PS If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at heel me!

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