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Joseph Frenkel

Podiatrist and Academic with an interest in Dermatology and Wound Care

Bachelor of Podiatry (La Trobe University)

Master of Science - Wound Healing and Tissue Repair (Cardiff University)

Professional Diploma of General Dermatology (HealthCert/Bond University)

​Joseph is a Podiatrist and Academic with a decade of study and almost 20 years of clinical experience. This unique combination enables Joseph to treat a broad scope of foot, dermatological and wound issues. He practices at Heel Me Podiatry in St Kilda East and as the consulting Podiatrist at the Skin Health Institute.

Renowned for his friendly and vibrant personality, Joseph is popular with patients of all ages. His caring and thorough approach ensures each patients' foot concerns are managed appropriately and individually.

Joseph also holds academic positions at several universities both in Australia and internationally, is a reviewer for medical journals, presents actively in numerous events both online, in-person and overseas and has recently launched a professional mentoring program. Joseph also founded and runs the Podiatric Dermatology Interest Group on Facebook which has now over 3,600 members worldwide. 

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