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heel me offers expert advice and treatment for your foot concern.
some of our specialties
At heel me, our functional approach to orthotic therapy aims to get you moving efficiently and painlessly. We utilise orthoses in conjunction with other therapies to achieve your best results.
With our diverse approach to treatment, your wart treatment is managed wholistically and thoroughly.
We provide a range of ingrown toenail treatment options, most of which are quick and painless.
Our specialised wound healing knowledge provides you with up-to-date management strategies for all your wound care concerns.
heel me
can help with:

orthotics |

wart treatment | ingrown toenails | foot + leg pain |

corns |

sports injuries | callous (hard skin) + cracked heels |

nail + skin

conditions |

acute + chronic wound care | Diabetic foot assessment

+ education  specialty footcare products |

We assess.
We listen.
We communicate.
We care.
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